ELITE RAIDERS is a graphic novel that falls into the Epic Fantasy Adventure genre with a good dose of humor. It is written and drawn by me. You can read it on www.enkaru.com/eliteraiders/

SYNOPSIS: Semyasa is a young adventurer who has been betrayed by his companions while doing an important quest that would make them rich: kidnap Krom, an orc mage, alive. But under the circumstances, he is compelled to change his plans. However, thanks to that (or maybe unfortunately!) Semyasa finds the guild of the Elite Raiders, where he meets Neeska and the rest of its members. The Elite Raiders desperately need to built a good reputation in the city of Vekot. To that end, the leader of the guild has accepted a very hard mission, but for the moment Neeska is the only volunteer to do it, and she needs at least four more partners to be succeed… 


SPARKSHOOTER is a graphic novel written by Troy Brownfield and drawn by me (from Chapter 3 to Chapter 13). You can read it on sparkshooter.com.

SYNOPSIS: After placing eighth in the annual Indianapolis Battle of the Bands in 2003, quasi-shoegazer outfit and perpetual local underdogs Crazy Yeats lose their temperamental lead singer, Ray Sheridan.

The remaining members (guitarists Sean and Elihu, bassist Lowell, drummer Michael) decide to stick together and redefine their sound, pushing a reluctant Sean back toward the front-man slot he once willingly surrendered.  However, Sean thinks that the new frontperson should be the mysterious young lady that the boys see singing karaoke.  As luck would have it, Sondra Li is a friend of their buddy and former manager Jack Spencer, and he in fact arranged for Sondra to show up.  Now, the boys prepare to meet Sondra for the first time.  With Sondra in place, the groups sets their sites on blazing a new trail on the scene, even as other challenges arise.

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Elite Raiders


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