This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is enkaru-photo-1.jpgMy name is Encar Robles but I sign my works with “Enkaru”. I’m a Spanish freelance artist with a master’s degree in Graphic Design, but what I really love is making comics and illustrations. “Trisquel” is my first professional comic, published by Nowevolution publishing house. I am currently making comics and illustrations for boardgames, books, etc. and I’m also working on two webcomics: “Elite Raiders” written and drawn by me, and “Sparkshooter“, written by Troy Brownfield.

In my free time I like reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing sport and video games, meeting with my friends and, obviously, I love drawing! 🙂

Contact: contact.enkaru@gmail.com




  • -Illustrations and designs for the Orihuela’s Medieval Fair advertising campaign.
  • -Textbook illustrations for a German publishing house.
  • -Artwork of “Leyenda. El camino del guerrero”, a Spanish board game.
  • -Cover for the book “Sobre el Manga, el Anime y los Videojuegos”.
  • -Character designs for a “How to draw manga” book.
  • -Illustration for the short stories’ collection by Ginés Gea Cayuelas.
  • -Illustration for the book “Tribute to Miguel Hernández”.
  • Mons Maenalus poster, a Spanish band from Alicante.
  • -Weapon designs for a trading card game.
  • -Poster for “Jornades AJJRR 2013”
  • -Poster for “Jornades AJJRR 2014.
  • -Poster for AJJRR “uneix-te a l’AJJRR”.
  • -Commissions.

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